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    We start tachograph service centres from scratch in accordance with the requirements of the Central Office of Measures in Poland.
Thanks to our long-lasting experience, we are able to effectively lead Customers through the whole process.



We train and prepare trainees to a tachograph technician examination, both for analogue and digital tachographs.


We equip tachograph service centres with necessary devices by choosing the best equipment available in the market.


We prepare an application to and fulfil procedures required by the Central Office of Measurement in order to obtain a permit in accordance with the Polish Tachographs Act of 5 July 2018.




When the permit is obtained, we support the Customer at the beginning of their operation and calibrate the tachograph for the first time. We advise on each issue connected with tachographs, including, without limitation, a periodical inspection or responses to post-audit recommendations of the Office of Measures. We offer our permanent supervision over the Customer’s service centre.


We advise to our Customer on everything that is necessary in the tachograph service centre, including, without limitation, tachographs, movement sensors, tachograph paper, batteries, record sheets or seals. All of the above and many other necessary elements are available at our store. It is enough to register to have a 24/7 access to everything you need.