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We are the fastest developing company in the sector of tachographs in Poland, where we have been operating for over 20 years. We have decided to combine our experience and on 2 January 2019 we established a company called PRO-LAB Tomasz Rongiers Kamil Bartoszek s.c., which we develop all the time by expanding its offer with new products and services.

Based on our cooperation with leaders in our sector and an extremely precious exchange of experience during training, we enrich our knowledge all the time with technical novelties, get to know problems, and find solutions.


I was an employee of the Central Office of Measures, the Head of Measurement Laboratories, and an account manager for the service centre network of Continental VOD. I have a great experience in training service centre technicians and starting tachograph service centres.
Thanks to my rich professional experience, both in terms of technical and legal aspects, I know almost everything about tachographs and, if I do not know something, I know who to ask.
Privately, I like visiting closer and farther surroundings on my classic motorcycle or watch the world from my kayak.



I have a great experience in starting and preparing documentation for tachograph service centres, as well as calibrating equipment, which I have gained, among others, as a deputy manager of the Measurement Laboratory. I have a certificate of a technician of a digital tachograph service centre. I improve my training skills all the time. Thanks to my previous experience in industry, including, without limitation, a quality control section, and years spent with the Calibration Laboratory, I am exact and precise, can communicate with people and react fast to customer needs and expectations. I am also able to help and solve problems on an ad-hoc basis.
After work, I like small and big travels and I am interested in politics .